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How to protect the compressor of industrial water chiller?

2018-11-15 10:51:39

Industrial water chillers need to always pay attention to the quality of compressors in the process of use. Industrial compressors are the core part of industrial water chillers. We should always remember to protect our compressors.

江苏11选5开奖结果Prevent liquid strike

Under normal working conditions, industrial water chiller refrigerant compressor should inhale dry vapor of refrigerant. If the refrigerant flow rate is large, the heat load changes too fast, and the operation is improper, wet vapor or liquid refrigerant may be inhaled. If there is too much liquid to be discharged from the exhaust valve, the liquid hammer caused by high pressure will result. Cylinder, valve, piston, connecting rod and other parts damaged. The recommended protective measures for industrial water chillers are to install gas-liquid separators to separate the liquid entrapped in low-pressure vapor to ensure the dry stroke of the compressor; install oil heaters to add lubricating oil before the start of the compressor to reduce the refrigeration dose dissolved in the lubricating oil; or press the valve assembly tightly with a spring. The end of the cylinder forms a false cover.

江苏11选5开奖结果Pressure protection

1. Control of suction and exhaust pressure: If the exhaust pressure exceeds the given value, the high-pressure control part cuts off the power supply of the compressor and the compressor shuts down; which good small editor of the industrial water cooler tells you that the suction pressure is lower than the given value, and the low-pressure control part cuts off the power supply of the compressor to make it shut down and send out an alarm signal.

2. Safety valve: In order to prevent refrigerant leakage to the atmosphere, closed safety valve is generally used. Safety valve is set in the pipeline between the exhaust and suction chambers of compressor of water chiller.

江苏11选5开奖结果3. Safety Membrane: The safety diaphragm is installed between the suction and exhaust chambers. When the pressure difference between suction and exhaust exceeds the prescribed value, the diaphragm ruptures and the exhaust pressure decreases (filter screen should be installed on the side of the suction chamber to prevent the broken diaphragm from falling into the suction chamber).

4. Lubricating oil pressure difference controller: Connect the inlet and outlet of hydraulic pump and the low-pressure inlet and high-pressure outlet of lubricating oil pressure difference controller respectively. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of hydraulic pump is too high or too low, the controller will cut off the compressor power supply, the motor will stop running and protect the compressor.

Built in motor protection

In order to further ensure that the motor is not too hot, in addition to proper use and maintenance, it is suggested that the superheated relay can be installed in the industrial water cooler. If the common three-phase motor is out of phase, it will cause the motor unable to start or overload, and overload relay can be used to avoid the damage of the motor due to the lack of phase.

Temperature protection

Exhaust temperature protection method is mainly to place the thermostat near the exhaust port, when the exhaust temperature is too high, the thermostat action cuts off the circuit; causes the unit shell temperature to be too high mainly because the heat transfer capacity of the condenser is insufficient, the small recommendation is to check whether the air or water volume of the condenser, water temperature is appropriate, or refrigeration. Air or other non condensable gases in the system should be carefully observed and tested.

I hope you will notice these points. Which industrial water chiller family good Xiaobian share these hopes to help you maintain the number of water chiller compressor oh!

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